Social Security System

The Social Security in this nation is Obsolete and inefficient it was created by FDR and his new deal reform back in the 19 thirties the Social Security is breaking the spirit of the American worker the average American starts working from around 17 to 67 years of working and the federal government takes out Social Security and if you live a long and healthy retirement and live till 79 which is the average lifespan that is 12 years of retirement for 50 years of work the biggest scam of the century now you know why the federal government takes or borrows money from Social Security fund. it's simply because they know you will not live long enough to get it all back. It is time to update our social security program that will be less of a burden on the employer's and will raise the spirit of the American worker. The new and improved retirement plan is called the Federal Savings Plan (FSP) what this plan does is basically a federal 401k plan for every American. How works as you put money into the FSP it holds it until your time to retire. The federal government will match your contributions up to $250 a month. That money is yours it is in your account no one can touch it. In the FSP you can put the money into different Investments you can do government bonds SnP stocks as small cap stocks, the Dow Jones fund International stocks. If you start at 17 and put down $250 a month into the FSP you will have 300 K at the retirement age if you put the money into a stock fund at let's say an 8% returns it will double every 10 years. With all that you will retire with approximately 1.2 million dollars! Once you retire you put all your money into a Government Bond at 2% and you get $24,000 a year in interest that's $2,000 a month until you die. When you do die that money then goes to your family orwhoever you give it to in your will. Therefore after one generation we will have everyone in America a millionaire it only gets better and better with each generation. To further expand on this program you'll be able to borrow money against it we will issue you a credit card that you can use at an ATM or grocery store and you will get a bill just like a credit card you pay it back with interest just like you would have a credit card. The average American has $15,000 in debt with 12% APR over a 50-year span you will pay 1.6 million dollars, instead of paying Visa or citibank or MasterCard you are paying yourself as you can see this program will make every American a self made millionaire.  We will share the wealth with everyone and not just to credit card companies or the bank that charge you an insane amount of interest on borrowing money.  The military and DOD have a plan like this called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) you can get more info as to the foundation I got this plan from.