New Jobs with Infrastructure and Innovation of Dallas County

We need to build up an infrastructure that builds up the county involvement and creates jobs for the county the first thing is to finish the George Bush Loop around the southern part of Dallas County going down from lake ray Hubbard and follow the river down through Mesquite belch springs Wilmer just below Lancaster Duncanville and Desoto then on to Cedar Hill Around Joe Pool Lake and up and connect with the turn pike at 20. This will give the southern county access to all the county with a complete circle around the county. This infrastructure will unite all of Dallas county and will bring in Corporations to south Dallas like it has with North Dallas.

We also need innovate Dallas with new and technology first We need to innovate Dallas county and be the leading county in the US with technology to create a safe place to live work and play.  The first thing is to become a net zero energy county and move toward a net surplus energy county with solar panels on all roofs and solar windows and blinds on all buildings then line the highways with solar panels to tie into the grid and create more energy than we use. When people have energy, they have the freedom to do things.  Then we need to create a transportation System that can limit the need for cars in Dallas county if you look at the county map there is an inner loop with 35 30 45 around the downtown Dallas area. Then there is a middle loop with 635 20 and 12 around the Dallas city limits. Then with the completion of the George Bush highway there will be an outer loop around the edge of Dallas County. That is a perfect base for a transportation System then we have major highways that go in and come out of the middle of Dallas county.  We can build a maglev system over the highway system and the streets that can go where ever you need by on and off ramps so there is no stopping at each designated stop. The maglevs will be fully automated and have sensors to detect other maglevs for merging into the main line. There will be maglev trains that will go around each loop and stop at the highway intersections and then have trains that will connect the inner Dallas loop to the middle and outer loop. Then maybe even beyond. Then there will be 4-person maglev cars that can take you wherever you need to go in Dallas county.   This will increase people’s ability of getting jobs by the accessibility to the opposite side of the county and the whole county will be linked together.  Then with in the city you can have mag lev cars that follow the grid system of the streets and use off ramps to turn on different streets and designated stops to get on and off the system. This would eliminate the need to have a car in the downtown area which would make it less congested and the streets would be a walking, biking or e scooter friendly.  Each city can create a bus route or maglev system within their city as they see fit. We can make this county a wonderful place to come and visit with the mass transit system where people can get anywhere in the county and we can work with Tarrant, Collin, Rockwall and Denton county to make it the best Metroplex in the USA.  Look at this video.

Now we need to focus on safety and the crime we will mount little cameras all along the streets and have them record to a hard drive for 5 days then they will record over so we can see 5 days in the past and we can put an end to most illegal activity because you know you will be seen and a very high probability of being caught a lot like the CCTV you see over in Europe. I will work closely with the city police departments so strategically place the cameras so we will be able to follow and track illegal activity, this is not for surveillance but to look back and see what happened. For instance, let’s say someone stole a car the owner reports the incident to the police they go in and look at the video feed and can see what happened then track the car to where it ended up and go and make an arrest. Knowing there is always a video camera on you will make people think twice about doing something illegal.  Look at this video

The last thing to innovate Dallas is connectivity we will create a Wi-Fi network to be able to have Wi-Fi throughout the county.  Being able to access the internet through our phones and laptops will greatly increase the production and activity of our county. And keep us informed on anything and everything going on within the county.  All of this with the vision of making life easier and safer for the residents of Dallas county.  With the technology advancements of this millennium why are we still living like it’s 1999?