Monetary System

The monetary system has been around for the longest time and has been altered every  20 years or so. With technology these days everything is done electronically there are very few transactions involving Cash Money now days. Along with that we spend over $725 million in 2017 on printing money. We will move to a new monetary system that will streamline and be more cost-effective way of dealing with money we will change to a dime quarter and dollar in coins, we will no longer have nickels and pennies simply because it is not cost effective. We will also have a five ten and twenty dollar bill. This is for two reasons number one there would not be a large amount of cash on hand for less crime and counterfeiting and any large transactions will be done electronically. This will save money on making money and the crime will significantly go down on two fronts, First the counterfeiting front will not be as efficient to make a counterfeit $20 bill like it would $100 bill, it cost so much to print the paper and ink and all the software to make the counterfit money it would not be that profitable. Then it will cut down on the muggings and robberies because no one will be carrying a lot of hundred dollar bills that someone can snatch for a quick hit, even now a lot of convenient stores will not accept 100 bills or have signs saying nothing more than 20 here because they don't want to be a target. Now with this new money we will no longer have a penny or nickel and you have to ask where are all the pennies going to go this is going to pay off our national debt,  it's called the Keep the Penny Plan, first part of the plan 1 penny from every dollar of the federal government budget is going into the national debt payoff account. If we have a $4trillion budget $40 billion dollars will go right into paying off the debt. On the second part of the plan we will keep all the Pennies from sales and that will go into the same account,  so you go to the store and buy groceries or whatever and your total due is $36.62 it will be rounded up to $36.65 and the $0.03 will go into the account to pay off the debt this will be the start of a long process to pay off the debt that the previous generations have left to us. It's time for the millennials to start cleaning up the mess!