Millennial Take Over

You May have heard many many times that the millennials are lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow, and then these participation trophies and the inclusion of everyone were an awful idea. This meant a lot of bad things for Corporate America and I agree 100%. The millennials were raised and taught their involvement was for the enjoyment of the activity along with the participation and learning of something new. Not like generation X who was taught to do anything they could to win, look at Jose Conseco and his steroids use, along with Barry bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemons. They all did anything they could to win and beat the other guy. The same thing in Corporate America, people canive, scheme and do anything they can just get ahead and/or take out their competitors. That is what generation X wants, that is what the baby boomers want in their workers.  The millennials are not like that, they were awarded participation trophies, they weren’t taught to win at all costs, they were taught you have fun and enjoy what you are doing, not “whatever it takes to win.”  

Corporate America is not going to be happy with this generation, society is going to be the big benefactor of this generation, the world is going to be a big benefactor of this generation and the earth is going to be a big benefactor of this generation.  The millenials were put together by years born by coming of age in the new millennium but this group of people ranging from 17 to 37 years old are the group that has inherited a huge mess created by the previous 2 generations. Over $20 trillion in debt a society where poverty is more abundant and growing rapidly, the middle class is shrinking, and the systems in government are tailored to last century wisdom and technology.  The millenials participation trophy is for the greater good of the American Society and not American Corporations. Millenials are more of enjoying life and making sure everyone has a share in the activity. They are more accepting of differences, not just among gays, women and minorities but in everyone. They are more inclusive and not the “Us vs Them” attitude that the X'ers were all about.  Tom Brokaw says the Millennials is the “Wary generation, Their great mantra has been: Challenge conventional wisdom, find new and better ways of doing things. And so that ethos transcends the wonky people who are inventing new apps and embraces the whole economy.”  This generation has expierienced white house sex scandles, 9/11, the longest wars in U.S. history, the Great Recession and a reality TV star that became prestident but still we are optimistic about our own chances of success simply because of technology. We have a world of wisdom and information in the palm of our hand. LITERALLY! No offence to Tom Brokaw and the “Greatest Generation” but the Millenials are going to be even better with the “New Age Generation” and bring America into the new millenium with new technology and new systems if government uniting this country together through participation and not dividing it through race gender religion or class.  These “participation trophy people” will participate with nature and not try and destroy its environment. We will participate with the world and not go to war with nations. The Millennials will be the generation that does not “Make America Great Again” by re-living the past, instead we will make America great by updating it and bringing it into the future.