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Dallas County Homeless Problem

Dallas County has been dealing with a homeless problem for quite some time now with the tent city. They moved them all now they are in a different place they just keep getting moved around all-over the place. City says it to state matter the state says it’s a city matter and it goes back-and-forth and nothing ever gets done. I am now going to make a federal matter, I’m going to fix the problem with a tiny town with tiny houses.  There was a gentleman in California that was doing the same kind of concept but we’re going to have tiny houses built and put in a designated area with a dart rail stop for the homeless to have a safe and secure house, with available transporation. Now the new tiny town citizens can move forward with their life and not worry about getting robbed from or worry about the wheather conditions. That is the baseline of Maslows hierarchy of needs, we will fill the base line and get them started on their journey to self actualization.  The tiny houses will be self sufficient with a solar roof and compost toilet it would cost roughly $1200 a house and it would be secure and give each one a place to call home.  Instead of just moving them from one place to another avoiding the problem, we will fix the problem once and for all. An update, my plan was just implemented in Denver Colorado. It can work and it will work well in Dallas County.