The healthcare system has been a major problem in this country and there are many types of systems that many nations have adopted.  With the two political parties, one says Healthcare is a right and needs to be free for everyone which makes sense because life liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be achieved if you are sick and can't get out of bed so I can understand what they mean and where they come from. Then we have the other party saying Healthcare is not a right that you are not guaranteed Healthcare, I understand their point because if you are giving free healthcare then doctors and nurses giving you that care has to do it for free which is enslavement or indentured servitude and you are limiting them of their life liberty and pursuit of happiness. With this nation being so big and different in many areas there is no one Health Care system that will meet the needs and satisfy all 50 states. There is no one size fits all measure! Therefore it is going to be up to the states to decide what they want to do for healthcare, the states know how to take care of their citizens better in the big federal government does. Therefore have the federal goverment pass a law to require everyone to have healthcare but delegate everything to the states on how to implement it. Oklahoma decides to have an open market insurance care plan and no tax and mandate a minimum required health isurance policy like a car liability insurance to drive. While Louisiana has a medicaid for all plan paid for by a property tax and then Arkansas has healthcare plan paid for by a income tax you can choose where you would like to live By the health care coverage. That gives the citizen freedom of choice. If there is a big Federal healthcare system that we will have to find a way to pay for it without going into debt which never happens, I think federal government needs to mandate a healthcare system where everyone is covered but I would delegated to the States on how the system would be established either a free market system or a full State Medicare. This state of Texas being so big i would tell Gov Abbot to delegate it down to the counties or group of counties to decide how they want to deal with Healthcare. If Dallas county wants a medicaid for all by a property tax to pay for it, while Rockwall county has a open market system with no extra tax and collin county has a medicaid for all by a sales tax, the citizens have a choice on where to live and get there type of coverage they want. That is freedom and democracy at its best because the citizens get to vote on the county leaders to put in place the health care system they want. As well as the freedom to move to the next county that has the type of healthcare they need. Come on Congress that is not so difficult to pass is it. Everyone can get behind that type of legislation. Lets move forward to the new millenium and stop move left to right to left back to right.  After Congress can pass a bill like this and the counties can get away from Obamacare and Trumpcare the Dallas County should expand parkland hospital and have a Medicaid for all the Dallas County Residents.  With education and healthcare taken care of that frees Dallas County Citizens to have the liberty to pursue happiness.