Net-Zero Energy County

The is the first part of my stance on free energy is the ethical problem I am seeing when doing research on the energy usage in Dallas county. The big energy companies are gauging us with energy cost.  According to the graph shown here the average cost to break even and produce a KWH of electricity for you to use is .04/kWh that is with the construction cost and 30 loan included in it. Since most of the power plants have been around longer then 30 years the real number is approximately .015! That's right, one and a half cents per kwh. The average price Dallas county residents pay for electricity is 12 cents!  That is almost 1000% mark up that is crazy to say the least.  Now that I made everyone furious about their $200+ a month electric bill lets talk how can we fix this problem within the system we are in. Texas as a state is doing a good job harnessing wind with all the big turbines generating electricity, but what about Dallas county, we need to harness the energy from the sun. I am sure everyone knows how hot and sunny it is in this county almost year round with the exception of maybe 2 months out of the year and even then it's still a pretty warm winter.  We can line the highway system with solar panels that tie directly into the grid, we can put solar panels on top of all the buildings and create electricity where the electric company pays you for producing more energy than you consume. We will keep adding until all of Dallas county produces the same or more energy then it uses, no one will have an electric bill if you life in Dallas county. If we make excess we can keep building up our solar network and generate revenue for the county to operate and that could lower the tax burden on the residents of the county.

Free Energy with New Technology

I have talked about net zero energy with solar panels and creating more energy then we use as a county. That is with in the system we have in place now.  What if we can totally change the system? As you can see in these videos below I have posted a Max at 13 years old took random radio and microwaves out of the atmosphere and created electricity to power a strand of 100 LED's.  The other video shows an electric motor turning a generator powering itself and has excess electricity to power other items that are at least 15amps to run. That is 2000 watts of excess electricity.  I personally have built an electric motor generator combo that produces 1600 watts of excess electricity with a fan motor and a permanent magnet alternator from Missouri wind and Solar. My problem was getting it powered into the grid to make it effective. Now with tesla solar roof  and power wall and LG coming out with a power wall you can tie that into the battery bank that can power your house permanently and you don't have to be on the grid. You can have free unlimited energy from a box in your garage that will save you $200+ a month on energy bills.  To make things worse I realized that the 13 year old just copied the invention from Nikola Tesla made back in 1901 that would create free unlimited electricity for the entire world but was shut down by JP Morgan because he could not regulate and make any money off of it. For over 100 years we could have had free energy except for the greed of one individual.  Nikola Tesla also created an electric car that would run on atmospheric energy. Then Charles Pogue and Tom Ogle created a carburetor that could get over 100 miles per gallon in a huge car but got shut down by big oil. Stanley Meyer created a car that ran on water in the 1980's but that was shut down.  General Motors had an electric car in the 90's but found out they would not make any money from it and destroyed them all.  Dennis Lee has created many different devices to save on electricity including a hummingbird motor that will run on 2 marine batteries for over a year without charging.  Maummer Yildz created a permanent magnet motor that will run off magnets only.  Troy Reed Created a motor that drives with less amps required then normal to power a car for longer.  Joseph Newmen created and free electrical device to power a house. This is just some of the people that have created technology that will revolutionize the country and even the world but is not being produced because of the greed of a few.  Please share this with everyone you know and let's move into the new millennium with new technology.