Educational System

The US has slowly declined in education around the world we are ranked in the twenties in math high teens in reading and science and 14th in overall education. The federal government has policies and procedures to regulate education but it is not working, education needs to be controlled by the states. Even further education needs to be controlled at the local level with cities and there should be no federal government involvement. The states can make mandates that will decide curriculum and the cities will implement them and find how to make it happen and how to pay for it. As far as the education goes we need to update the public school system to go all the way through at least two years of college. When Public School System started the us giving free education to high school because back then in order to get a good job you need a high-school diploma. Now days to get a good job you need a college degree or a Vocational Technical Training therefore the Government should pay for college or vocational training, but not the federal government.  The federal government has $1.3 Trillion in student loans the average student will have $37k of debt before starting their career. The university's are jacking up their tuition prices because they know the government is paying the tuition with the loans.  First thing first I think the federal government should get out of the student loan business they do not need to be making money off the young Americans trying to better themselves in college. If the federal government gets out of the student loans the amount of university students would drop dramatically! So much the universities will either A, raise the tuition of the students still in college to cover the cost or B, lower the tuition to get more people in their school. I strongly feel it will be B and then it is a matter equaling the supply and demand the students will start going to school if the tuition is right and they are willing to pay that amount. Then the federal government should let the states do the education department. With the education needing to be expanded to at least Jr college level.  With high schools each city is in charge of the grades up through 12th Grade. The city has sales tax property tax income tax or whatever the city has decided to tax to generate income for the City Independent School District. With college it should be County or a group of counties that have a junior college level to get all the basics of college or Technical Training to get a good job. The counties can do a sales tax luxury tax property tax in order to get the community college free to the County residents and very cheap for non-residents if moving in for a specific reason. with this system the students can get all the basics out of the way and can transfer to the university to study the major and degree they are after, relieving a substantial amount of student loans needed to complete four years of college and it will pay huge dividends in the long run.  Then the final thing the federal government needs to do is have a Student Loan Bail out.  We should bail out all the student loans and get these people that are in serious debt the freedom to start their careers without the burden of Debt as they start their careers this will improve the economy 10 times better then the FED bailing out wall street and the banks with QE1 2 3 4 and on and on.  After that the Federal government will have no more involvement in the educational system of this nation.

Free College for Dallas County Residents through DCCCD

Dallas County is a very populated area with a lot of jobs that need educated and qualified people to fill them.  It is hard to fill jobs when the students cannot get the education or qualifications necessary because the cost of college is too high.  I have come up with a solution that will revolutionize Dallas County and create a robust learning environment to get students to go to college get a better life for themselves and a better paying job.
My hypothesis is based on the housing market and the housing sales in the County and compare that to the amount of revenue that the county district receives from tuition.  In 2015 the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) received $103,768,750 2016 they received $104,842,350 in 2016 and this year they received $102,963,967. On average the DCCCD receives $103,858,355 each year from kids paying for college.  So we have to come up with a way to create this from a different source.  With the housing market going on a constant rise in the Dallas county area and numerous number of sales going on each month I have figured out a solution that will fix the problem.  If we take a 2.5% sales tax on every home bought in Dallas County that would more than make up the difference and could even lower the property taxes that many county citizen complain about so often.  With mean houses being sold of 5000 a month with the mean sales price of $139,000.  If you take a 2.5% sales tax from the house you get $17,375,000 a month which equals $208,500,000 a year.  That doubles what the school needs to have free education at the Junior college level for the county and the best part is if you already live in the county you don’t pay for anything unless you move with in the county.  Even if you do move and you have a 2.5% tax on your house if you roll it in with a 30 year mortgage it’s an extra $25 dollars a month. Free college can be attainable and very viable for the DCCCD in Dallas County on the numbers side and that hasn’t taken into account what the up side is with all these student getting a better education from college. We need to think outside the box and come up with new tactics because what we have now does not work.