Banking System

The banking system has been around since 1913 it is probably the oldest system that is still needs to be updated and changed. Let's talk about the banking system, it was made to provide the nation with a safer more flexible and stable monetary system. It was made to have 12 different branches to ensure checks being written were good and would not bounce. It also created the money supply that Banks would use as well as regulate how much would be in fluctuation and the interest rate on what the bonds will be. All this was great way back then but now with technology we can now do money exchanges from bank-to-bank buy a cell phone and we hardly ever use checks anymore so we don't need the 12 District Banks anymore. Also the Federal Reserve Act gave the Federal Bank power to create money that is against the Constitution, according to the Constitution Congress has the sole power to coin and regulate money and regulate the weight system so Congress needs to stop being lazy regulate the money.  Right now the Federal Reserve Bank lends the money to the government when the government needs it at interest. So if we started this process with me and you.  I give you $10 and you promise to pay it back to me at 10% interest in one week, how would you give me $11 when there's only $10 in circulation. You cannot so what do you have to do, you have to borrow money from me again so you borrow another dollar at interest to pay me the 11 that you already owe, now you're in debt $0.10 with the 10% on that $1. As you can see this scam is never-ending and as you can tell we are now $20+ trillion dollars in debt!  Now on top of this the Federal Reserve has regulations on Banks and holding and interest rates called the fractional Reserve System I will not get into all the details but to sum it up the bank only needs to have 10% of the money in their vaults or liquid assets. For example, if a bank has $1,000 they are to hold at least $100 in cash and they can lend out $900 to others with interest to make money for their business.  Well that is not how they do it instead they manipulate the wording so they have $1,000 they are able to lend out $10,000 in loans because I have $1,000 where is this money coming from? Your guess is as good as mine that is why the housing market crashed in 2008 all this money was made up out of thin air we need to update the system to make it work better for the citizens and not just the bank owners. We will establish a US Federal Credit Union where the citizens are the members of the credit union this will be the main system that will control the Federal Savings Plan the new monetary system and tax system. It will be a place to keep and hold America's money and all of its citizens federal savings plans if they choose to contribute and they can if they wanted to have a regular checking and savings account. The main difference with a credit union to a bank is a bank has shareholders or owners of the bank which the bank pays their owners the profits in a credit union the owners are the members there for you the American people own the credit union and you will get a dividend if the credit union make any money. Now with this Credit Union if the federal government needs to borrow money the same process happens like before but who is buying the Government Bond the American people so if you don't want the government to borrow money he American people has the power to control government spending and the debt if this was instituted with Reagan and on down we would not be in such terrible debt that we have now. This will solve some of the problems the other problem is the fractional Reserve System that is being used will need to be reined in and be taken from 10% to at least 50% that will slowly bring the money supply down so we don't have as much fake money floating around the economy making it more stable and decreasing the inflation that is going on right now. Sound money is the way to go forward in the new millennium.